Ezekiel Oruven (zekedragon) wrote in the_transients,
Ezekiel Oruven

I'm here

The website's done now, which is nice to know since I've given it my n00bish all for design. I didn't want to make anything too complex on it,s o that's why it looks pretty average. On there is a Blog, which is my main target for working on later today, before we leave at noon, the most likely time of departure. I'm not sure how things will work out, but I'm certain they won't be for the lesser. It's going to be one helluva trip this coming 9 months.

The first target is FC, which is in San Jose. Me and Tom will be the only ones going up there, and the only real problem is walking speed is too fast. I suggested crawling so we could get there on the 19th and leave on the 1st, but Tom refuses to do that (I think it'd make an awesome publicity stunt). Anyway, the best thing to do is Spread the Word about our little voyage, if you want to help. Go ahead and just put a small entry 'bout us in your journal, including the url and have everyone do the same! That'd help us in more ways than you could imagine.

That's all for now, I 'spose. Tom got everything other than that, we're still getting ready, but I needs the sleep now. G'night.

- Zeke
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